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Why the Roofing Industry is Broken

If you can’t communicate and get your ideas across you’re giving up your potential.

~Warren Buffet

A knock on the door with a sales pitch paired with high pressure calls, then silence once you sign a contract – the traditional roofing model pushes a homeowner to buy with little communication to follow. While the owner/contractor likely began their company with positive intentions, somewhere along the way, that seems to get lost and diluted by their sales team.

In the typical roofing sales model, the owner of the roofing company is always the first salesperson. These contractors/owners who are strong in sales and project management are the ones to build a company with a good reputation. Eventually reaching a fork in the road, they must decide, do I stay a one man show, or work to grow my business? While some may choose to continue to operate alone, they will struggle with communication timeliness and market reach. For those who choose the option to grow, they will have an equally large challenge in front of them, taking the next steps to build a team.

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This step of growing a sales team, in fact, is the hardest part for roofing companies to overcome. Looking to find team members with their same ability to sell and project manage is not a simple task on the shoulders of the contractor/owner. Assuming a roofing company can overcome this hurdle and grow, maintaining the original intentions and integrity coincidingly becomes increasingly difficult. Sales people in the industry have one focus: get the contract signed! With that mentality comes a hard drive of initial communication, with a drop off upon the deal closed. But what about communication after the signed contract?

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With a compromised company mission and inability to communicate the right way, the roofing industry’s current model is one that, not only fails the homeowner, but also stunts the company’s overall growth and success. Even the best companies in the industry fail to grow their sales force past 100 sales people. The top residential roofing companies have revenues that top out around $100M, which is just 0.2% of the $50B roofing marketplace!

IMG_0722.fullViirt is proving a new viable business model for the industry, building automated messages and follow-up notices between our Service Reps, Homeowners, and Installation Partners. Leveraging and integrating the simplest and most powerful mobile technology (Slack, Twilio, Lob, Intercom, Hubspot), we have built a communication platform that coordinates these many parties, giving homeowners a front-row seat to the management of their project. Viirt believes that the greatest barrier to success in the roofing business is building a consistent and reliable experience for our homeowners and our installation partners.

Disrupting the industry’s ways, we won’t come pounding on your door or haggle with you on our contracts. Instead, you can expect us to follow up with you, as we see our work beginning with each contract. With a clear understanding of the problem and a deep knowledge of what technology allows us today, Viirt is revolutionizing the roofing industry.


Until next time,

Josh Davis, Viirt CEO