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And the Winner Is…

 “Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take.”

-Christopher Reeve

And the Winner Is…

For the last four weeks, Viirt and Owens Corning® have teamed up to give away a free roof to one lucky homeowner in Clark County. To enter, homeowners simply tried out our Estimator Tool at, and doubled their odds by sharing our contest on Facebook. With over 200 entries since our start date of July 5th, we collected all entries and randomly drew a winner.

Even our homeowners who didn't win, but signed their contracts during our Free Roof Campaign, received 10% off their final price quote! Roof on!

Even our homeowners who didn’t win, but signed their contracts during our Free Roof Giveaway, received 10% off their final price quote. Roof on!

Today, we are thrilled to announce Sandy Cottrell is the winner of our first, Free Roof Giveaway! With a total cash win of over $7,000, the Cottrell’s will receive their materials and shingles from Owens Corning®, the leading global producer of construction materials. Working with Viirt to make their installation process seamless, the Cottrell’s will work with a best in class Customer Experience Representative and a Viirtified Contractor to see their project through- beginning to end. With a lifetime materials and workmanship warranty, this Free Roof really was a once in a lifetime sort of win!

Meet our Winner!

You guys are awesome!…Did I really win? Oh my gosh. So it is really a roof? I mean free? I mean, a free roof??”  Yes, you heard us right, a FREE roof! “This is so great, I can’t believe I won! Maybe I should buy a Powerball ticket next!?”

Thank you, Sandy! We can’t wait to get started on your new roof. Congratulations and roof on! slack_for_ios_upload_1024-2

Stay tuned for updates on the Cottrell’s project, and be sure to look out for an important announcement later this week!

We had a great time on this last Free Roof Giveaway… What do you think, should we do it again?

– Mandy Gray, Viirt President