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The Homeowner Experience

September 2015 Edition

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful”

                – Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Viirt is creating a one of a kind experience for homeowners; building relationships with real people who appreciate that they’re not just another job to check off our list. Our processes focus on educating, listening, and providing the best homeowner experience we possibly can. If we can keep our homeowners happy, and put a nice roof over their head to top it off, then we have succeeded in our company’s mission. Thank you to all of our Viirt homeowners for making our job easy, we truly appreciate it, and we hope you continue to spread the good news – we’re Viirt and we’ve got you, and your roof, covered. 

Read our September Homeowner testimonials below, hear from our first Free Roof Campaign winner, and learn more about Viirt and our Free Roof Campaign, running now through January 31st at the, Facebook page. 

– Mandy Gray, Viirt President

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“Viirt did an excellent job replacing the roof. They went above and beyond our expectations! I highly recommend them and will refer my friends/family and clients to Viirt” – Sandy Cottrell, Free Roof Winner, Viirt Homeowner


Sandy’s finished roof!