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Livin’ the OC Dream!

This past week we had the pleasure of touring the Owens Corning manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon. A leader among asphalt shingle manufacturers and the world’s largest fiberglass manufacturer, Owens Corning is commonly recognized by their mascot, the Pink Panther. As this was my first experience touring a shingle manufacturing plant, I was looking forward […] Read Full Article

I Got My Free, Initial Roofing Estimate…Now What?

While our online roofing estimator tool is able to provide an initial bid typically within 5% accuracy of your final price, we want to be able to guarantee your price before installation day. After you have visited our site and received your initial estimate, the next step in our process is to schedule and complete […] Read Full Article

The Buying Experience: What to Expect from our Communication Processes

Step by step communication throughout the roof replacement process is one of the major differentiators homeowners experience while working with Viirt. Creating a buying experience where simplicity meets transparency, we deliver answers, education, and assistance that fulfills the needs of our homeowners. Keeping up with improving technological efficiencies, our consolidation of multiple communication platforms allows […] Read Full Article

Update on Everything Viirt!

While there is never a dull moment in the world of home services, this past month has been especially exciting for Viirt. As we continue to expand, we are excited to welcome Trevor Hamilton and Sarah Davis to the Viirt team.   Trevor, our Project Specialist in the Pacific NW region, comes to us with […] Read Full Article

Transparency through Satellite Imagery

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity. -Dalai Lama At Viirt, one of our primary objectives is to bring transparency to the roofing industry, and that starts with pricing. When you first arrive to the Viirt website, you will notice at the top of our page is an address […] Read Full Article

Mobile Technology is Forcing Change

We live in a society where technology is a very important force in business, in our daily lives. And all technology starts as a spark in someone’s brain. An idea of something that didn’t exist before, that once they have invented it —brought it into existence — could change everything.  Nathan Myhrvold, CEO, Intellectual Ventures […] Read Full Article

What to Expect on Installation Day

The most important and anticipated step in our process, Installation Day is the culmination of all previous steps. The specific day outlined to take the old roofing materials off and put the new materials on, we want this process to be stress-free for our homeowners. Setting proper expectations and bringing transparency to our procedure is […] Read Full Article

BYOB at Big Omaha (Breaking Your Own Barriers)

I had the pleasure of representing Viirt and attending Big Omaha 2015 on opening day. A thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovation leaders throughout the nation, this annual conference was built to “build community, start conversations, and provide inspiration.” With a lineup of over a dozen speakers including Mona Bijoor, founder and CEO of Joor, […] Read Full Article

We Don’t Pay the Contractor, Until You’re Happy

We empathize with the difficulty homeowners face when making a large purchase decision that fits their budget, timeline, and home needs. In order to drive valued workmanship up while simultaneously driving down the costs to the homeowner, Viirt uses a simple, one time payment schedule to ensure both quality and lowered liability. Bringing savings and […] Read Full Article

The New Age of Home Improvement

Since we have launched in February, a consistent response we hear from roofing contractors is loud confusion as to what the Viirt process is, and how we assist each homeowner through our online roofing platform. In a recent blog by Athens Roof Tech, the question was raised as to whether or not our goal to […] Read Full Article